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How you will benefit from joining this webinar

Wow your customers with personalized automation

Join Infusionsoft Co-Founder and marketing expert Scott Martineau for his webinar on Lifecycle Marketing—our proven framework for increasing lead conversion. This methodology of attracting, selling and wowing your customers is the same one Scott and our marketing team used to grow Infusionsoft into the company it is today. Thousands of small businesses have already found success with Lifecycle Marketing.

Not sure if this webinar is for you?  Ask yourself a few questions: 

  • Do you use the same marketing message for all of your leads?
  • Are you asking for the sale too soon?
  • Do you consistently follow up with leads?
  • Are you neglecting your existing customers?

If you find yourself struggling with any of these issues, you could benefit from watching Scott’s webinar. He’ll address these common lead conversion challenges and more. You’ll come away with actionable solutions to wow your customers.

About the Speakers

Scott Martineau
Co-founder, Infusionsoft

Scott's mission is to solve the challenges small businesses face in marketing their products and services. His own entrepreneurial experiences and his understanding of what small businesses need enable him to continually evolve our software in innovative and successful ways.

"Once I started implementing just a few of the basic Infusionsoft features my followers started doubling and tripling monthly!"
Becki Crosby - Whippy Cake
Becki Crosby

Whippy Cake

"I know once they go into our pipeline, they are being handled. If there is something that I need to do, the system tells me, which really frees my mind to think about other things."
Becki Crosby - Whippy Cake
Jeff Liesener

Topline Foods

"Our lead nurturing process allows us to spend our time on only the most qualified and interested leads."
Becki Crosby - Whippy Cake
Heather Lemere

Salon Success Strategies

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